Dedicated to the Vaal region, KRM (Kambisisa Risk Management) is built on the comprehensive tactical and investigative experience founder Renier Grobler brings to the table. Having broken away from the SAPS in 1999, Renier, through his passion for seeing criminals brought to justice, has built up an organisation whose core philosophy is to better serve and protect valuable Vaal based industrial operations, residential estates and hospitality destinations - all of which are essential to economic growth, job creation and community upliftment in the region.  To further the impact the organisation has on these three aspects, KRM actively participates in initiatives involving both the public and private sector as well as community leaders, such as Community Police Forums across the Vaal, on an entirely voluntary basis.

This involvement also shows KRM’s commitment to not merely intensifying on-site security operations resulting is continuously escalating cost for their clients, but to ensure they are part of a larger solution to actively reduce crime in the area.

KRM remains focused on the Vaal area, often underserviced by security companies with their headquarters based in Johannesburg. The company prides itself in a personalised and exclusive approach to business, and for Renier and his team to maintain direct contact with clients is an essential part of the service offering.

With the ever-increasing influence technology has on the security industry, KRM continually looks to improve its solutions by means of the latest and most effective technologies, reducing costs and making the response to as well as the prevention and monitoring of criminal activity more and more successful.    

KRM’s network of legal, municipal, police and corporate relationships gives them the edge when compared with other security focussed companies. KRM goes beyond the elements of on-site security such as guarding, access control and alarm monitoring, to deliver a complete risk management solution which includes many aspects, for example; risk assessment, stock take management, product control, internal investigations and background checks.